So… I’m a self-proclaimed social introvert. By that I mean I am more than happy to socialise with anyone and everyone, but once I reach my limit I have a very strong desire to spend some time alone in order to give my brain a chance to unwind. It’s not a negative thing if you ask me, and definitely isn’t impacting my life in any noticeable way – I still get to have a social life just as any other nineteen-year-old would, great friends, the best family, but I also I still get to experience the pure bliss of closing my bedroom door wrapping myself up in the duvet while I read a book, shutting off the world whether it be for an hour or a weekend in the way that a complete introvert does.

I’m actually quite relieved to be this way, I’m a serial procrastinator and find work extremely difficult when surrounded by potential distractions, so having no option but to remove the distractions at risk of a full-scale teenage tantrum, it sends my productivity soaring. University assignments, reading lists, movie reels, writing and filming all get smashed out whilst I spend time alone, anything that appears near impossible usually can be tackled in this time.

On the flipside, I’m still surrounded by friends and family and I’m comfortable in the vast majority of social situations like any other person my age. I enjoy nothing like I do having tea with my housemates, or visiting family back home – Thankfully, most people in my life can understand the need to escape sometimes and the ones that do are always more than ready to welcome me back with open arms once I’m refreshed and ready to go for a booze run or a cinema trip and for that I am entirely grateful.

(The key being; surround yourself with understanding people)