Nic on my university course describing the feeling I wrote about in my last blog post. Absolutely insane timing – great minds think alike! Couldn’t not have reblogged this when I read it.

rice and grind

I felt unfit and really wanted to hit the gym, but driving to my nearest gym would take so much time that I didn’t have and it would cost money/fuel to get to, plus I was too cosy at home lol. Instead of wasting more time contemplating whether or not to go to the gym, I decided to do a home workout. A home workout wasn’t as great as going to the gym, but I saved a lot of time and still worked up a sweat, plus it was better than thinking about going to the gym and not actually moving lol.

Since the start of 2016, I made it a habit of uploading a YouTube video on my channel ‘Rice and Grind’ at least once a month. Last Saturday, I realised it was near the end of January and I had no content to upload. My last resort was to…

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