Okay, getting the fire burning is much harder than I initially thought… I did a quick google for writing prompts, having realised I’ve no idea of what content I want to include on this blog when I stumbled across an amazing prompt on Writers Digest (Linked Below.) that immediately had my thoughts whirring. Here goes nothing…

I’m thankful I’m a writer because …

It provides an unlimited choice of destinations. It gives me the power to go where I choose, enabling me to travel lands I could never hope to reach and do something I had only ever dreamed about. Writing means I have an outlet, for my hopes and dreams, for my passions, for my anxieties, for my emotions. It’s my form of self-expression and whether writing for myself or with the intention of sharing my work with another I can scrawl my thoughts across various pieces of paper and word documents in the hope that they are comprehensible enough that someone can take comfort in the words.

Whilst I will always worry about the quality of the stories I write and the screenplays I create, my wish as a nineteen-year-old who has matured with great literary works and fantastic television programming is to be able to reach out and touch other young people like myself. The idea of my writing being that influential text – if only resonating with just one person  – would be more than enough recognition for a lifetime. The sheer want I have to write and the possibility of making someone stop and consider their position regarding any controversial topic, or for them to resonate wholly with a character I create is enough of a driving force that makes me continue with my career plans.

I’ll continue to create my own realities for as long as I find myself with a pen in hand, and I hope to write the stories I have always wished to read. I’ll continue to devour books, movies and television at a rate of knots and hope to better my writing skills and build a reliable habit that will see me to the end of the line.

Granted, I do not fully feel as though I am a writer just yet… Give me time, patience and I hope the incomparable rush of creativity will eradicate my tendency to self-critique until I can no longer deny my being a ‘writer.’